(FEBRUARY 11-12, 2023)

On site Training Course of Padayal Academy

  • On the last Saturday and Sunday of every month Padayal Academy organises the on site course cook without fire in Coimbatore Padaiyal Academy premises.
  • During the two days, two lunch menu, one breakfast menu and one dinner menu will be taught. The importance of natural uncooked food, it’s medicinal values and benefits, the effect of natural food on our health -both mind and body – will form the important aspect of the programme.
  • The food prepared during the training session will be served to trainees as food / medicine.
  • In-campus accommodation is available for out station participants, if they so desire at a cost Rs 500/-. However staying outside the premises is also permissible.
  • 10% discount will be given the couple attending the programme together.
    In case a participant opts to stay out necessary arrangements may be made by the participant himself/ herself. Padayal Academy will not be in a position to assist in finding an accommodation..
  • It is mandatory to consume only natural food prepared at the Academy during these two days.
  • Each participant will be given a certificate upon successful completion of the course.
  • The fees for the two day training course is Rs 4000/- only (subject to revision from time to time).
  • Prior registration is mandatory. All necessary information will be shared well in advance of the commencement of the course.
  • Children below the age of 18 are not eligible for the course. Children are not allowed to accompany the participants.
  • The course will teach the importance of natural uncooked food, it’s health benefits.
  • Only 25 trainees will be accommodated in one training course.
  • During the training use of mobile phone and video making is strictly prohibited. All the material will be shared with the participants in the Trainees’ WhatsApp group.
  • After successful completion of the training all the participants are encouraged to prepare natural food at least once a month and share the pictures in the WhatsApp group.
  • In the event of not participating in the training course by any candidate, after payment of corse fee, the same will be adjusted against any future course of the Academy.